Captivating Tatiana Maslany
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Name Analysis

• Although your first name of Tatiana has created an expressive, fun-loving nature, it has not produced the qualities necessary for a full and complete life.

• You have always been a happy person, and, desiring to see others happy as well, you strive to inspire others, which you do most effectively through an engaging sense of humour.

• You are fond of surprises and are quick to respond to spontaneous invitations which promise a good time, particularly when they relieve you of a boring task.

• Your dislike for monotony and routine, often means that you do not finish the things you start.

• A natural rhythm, a sense of colour harmony, and creative ability contribute to a flair for composition and artistic and musical expression.

• Expression comes easily to you; in fact, you should learn to control it and discipline your expression.

• You are not practical where money matters are concerned, your theory being that money is there to be spent.

• You are kind and generous, and will fill a need when you see it; at times, others take advantage of your generosity.

• The most serious drawback of the influence of this name is in the strong emotional feelings that it produces, which are difficult to control and create lack of stability in your thinking or in your affairs.

• A craving for sweet foods could cause skin conditions or liver problems.

• You would find it difficult to control your desires and could over-indulge in your pleasures.