Captivating Tatiana Maslanythe original and most comprehensive fansite for tatiana maslany

Captivating Tatiana Maslany

the original and most comprehensive fansite for tatiana maslany

“Orphan Black” season 4 just started filming their new episodes this week.

Executive producer John Fawcett also shared a photo from the set of the hit BBC America series, showing Tatiana Maslany as Helena and Donnie (Kristian Bruun). “@OrphanBlack #CloneClub yep we are rolling!” Fawcett captioned his photo.

In season 3, Helena and Donnie developed a close relationship after Alison (Maslany) asked Helena to temporarily live with them. Donnie and Alison saw how natural Helena was at taking care of their kids. At one point, Donnie also surprised Helena with the return of her boyfriend Jesse (Patrick J. Adams).

Meanwhile, BBC America released the official synopsis for the season 4 of “Orphan Black.” It revealed that Sarah (Maslany) will go in search for information about Beth Childs. In season 1, Sarah was surprised to see Beth just a few seconds before she jumped into the railway tracks and died. Now, Sarah will be away from her Leda clone sisters as she journeys to find Beth’s enemies, family and friends. Since Sarah serves as the rock that binds her sisters together, Alison, Helena, Cosima, Rachel and Krystal will go their separate ways.

“As the close-knit sisters are pulled in disparate directions, Sarah finds herself estranged from the loving relationships that changed her for the better,” the synopsis read. According to Slash Film, Jordan Gavaris will reprise his role as Felix, alongside Maria Doyle Kennedy who plays the role of Mrs. S. Also returning to “Orphan Black” season 4 are Kevin Hanchard who plays Beth’s partner Art, Skyler Wexler who plays Sarah’s daughter Kira, and Josh Vokey as Cosima’s laboratory partner Scott. Joel Thomas Hynes will join the series to play the role of Dizzy.

“Orphan Black” season 4 will premiere on BBC America sometime next year.

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