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Now that deadlines are over for the Primetime Emmy Award nomination ballots, all eyes are on Orphan Black and leading star Tatiana Maslany to see if they get nominated this year.

Members of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences had a deadline of June 28 to submit their ballots regarding the nomination for this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards, and with Orphan Black taking the country by storm, people are wondering if it’ll be nominated this year.

If nominated for best actress, Tatiana Maslany has the potential of being the first woman to win a best actress award for a sci-fi television show since 1997 when Gillian Anderson won for the X-Files.

If the show was nominated for best drama, Orphan Black could potentially be the first legitimate sci-fi show to ever win an Emmy in the category, not counting Lost‘s win from 2005 because it barely fits the sci-fi genre on television.

When asked about the possibilities of getting nominated for an Emmy on July 18, Tatiana Maslany was very hopeful.

“It would be so amazing if the show got nominated or we got out there; I think people would be really excited about that because so many incredible sci-fi-shows go under the radar and don’t get taken seriously in award season,” she says. “But I think sci-fi definitely belongs there because it tells sort of subversive stories about society without hitting you over the head. It puts very real stories into the context of a fantastical world, so there’s a sense of escapism but there’s also a sense of, ‘This isn’t far from our reality.’

Maslany basically hits the nail on the head when saying sci-fi shows go under the radar. Not once in forty years of broadcasting has the Academy chosen a sci-fi show to win the selection for best drama. There’s something seriously underrated about them that always keeps them from getting to the top of the award ceremony, but we hope that changes with Orphan Black.

We recently introduced you to Orphan Black as one of the best shows on television, and we weren’t joking. If any sci-fi show had the potential to break forty years of bad luck at the Emmys, it would be this one.


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