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My good friend, Shirphie, had the lovely opportunity to see ‘Mary Page Marlowe‘ in NYC on opening day. She was even luckier to get a chance to meet Tatiana Maslany (actress queen) herself after the show! And to make things even more magical, she used her few seconds to give Tatiana a shout-out about MY fansite ‘Captivating Tatiana Maslany’ ( yes, this very site you are visiting. This was so cool and the kindest gesture. I hope to one day meet her myself, but until then, this is the coolest next best thing. Thank you Shirphie! I know this doesn’t seem like a huge deal to most, but for me, it is. I’ve worked so hard on this site and I adore and have so much respect for Tatiana. To know that someone took the only chance they had to meet her to tell her about MY site and that Tatiana acknowledged it for a couple seconds.. surreal. hehe.