Captivating Tatiana Maslanythe original and most comprehensive fansite for tatiana maslany

Captivating Tatiana Maslany

the original and most comprehensive fansite for tatiana maslany

I’ve added a few stills from this week’s upcoming episode of Orphan Black. I’m not ready!

I’ve added screencaps, additional stills, and behind the scenes images of Tatiana from this past week’s episode of Orphan Black. What a fantastic episode! I can’t wait for the series finale next week and at the same time I’m not ready to say goodbye.

In 2016, after four seasons and countless people on the internet declaring that Tatiana Maslany deserved an Emmy (multiple Emmys?) for her performance as the numerous clones on Orphan Black, she finally won for best actress in a drama series. But according to Maslany, the show’s industry acclaim isn’t as meaningful as the response from the show’s dedicated fans, better known as the Clone Club.

“I don’t know if I can speak for all of us on this, but it’s not about the awards,” Maslany said when the Orphan cast visited EW for a recent interview. “It’s about the fact that we are all actors who love our job and get to do a show that we really care about and that has touched people, like the Clone Club. [Like when] a 40-year-old woman comes up to me and says, ‘Cosima let me finally come out, I’ve known since I was 2 and I can come out now.’ That’s the stuff that actually means something. I think it’s the reason you do your job and we’re so lucky to get to do it.”

They also got to see those dedicated Clone Clubbers meet and befriend one another. “To see people unite was really good as well, that was one of the great things,” added Maria Doyle Kennedy (Mrs. S).

For more from the cast on the Clone Club, watch the video above, and head here to hear them recall memorable moments on set.

Orphan Black’s series finale airs Saturday, Aug. 12 on BBC America.

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I’ve added screencaps to this week’s heartbreaking episode of Orphan Black as well as additional stills from that episode and new episode stills for next week’s episode. Enjoy.

I’ve added screencaps and episode stills to last night’s episode of Orphan Black as well as episode stills to next week’s episode. What a fantastic episode it was!

Lionssgate released a new international trailer for Stronger. The new trailer includes new scenes. I’ve added screencaps to the gallery.

It’s difficult to get through the trailer for Stronger — the real-life story of Jeff Bauman, who became a double amputee following the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing — without being brought to tears. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Bauman on screen and the movie’s poster, debuting on ET, shows him mid-physical therapy with the tagline, “Strength Defines Us.”

Director David Gordon Green tells ET that his film is more than just a tearjerker, though. “You’re in for a ride,” he said by phone. “That certainly expresses a side of the emotional intensity of the movie, but you might be surprised to find a good sense of humor woven in there as well. Expect a few chuckles alongside a tear or two.”

I’m also so happy to see Tatiana Maslany in this. She’s such a phenomenal actress that deserves to be cast in everything. What drew you to her and then what was it like working with her?
I was a fan of Orphan Black, like so many people, and was just blown away by her range and the diversity of her performance. You watch that show and you don’t know which one is her. [Laughs] She auditioned for this and when I got her in a room with Jake, it was very clear that there was a strong female character that could not be afraid of her empowerment and not be afraid of her vulnerability, someone who really challenged the expectations of the romantic lead in a movie. I loved the questions and concerns that she had, and the ferocity and the levity that she brings to Erin were very important to making this a balanced, complicated character, because it’s not just your obvious love interest. It was an opportunity for us to find someone and invite them into this emotional adventure.

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