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BBC America’s Orphan Black centers around a project of human cloning, forcing the star actress Tatiana Maslany to really bring her A-game every episode. The only question we really have for season 2 is, where will the next clone come from? Season 1 spoilers.

With season 1 freshly ended, it’s going to be a long while until we can feast our eyes and minds on some amazing Orphan Black goodness, but luckily for us there’s still the pre-production and production of season 2 to look forward to!

Not much information has been made publicly available about the second season, but we did learn a couple of things from Tatiana Maslany about a couple key clone elements in the show.

When asked about the death of Helena by Entertainment Weekly, Maslany says we can expect her to stay dead.

“I think that’s the best thing,” she states. “If you invest in a character and then they’re gone, that’s real life. That’s what happens. I think it raises the stakes for the series. You see these clones as fallible and human — even Helena who seems to defy humanity can die… We don’t know what’s going to happen to any of the clones now. They’re all up for grabs now.”

And we absolutely agree! Orphan Black doesn’t seem like the type of show to kill a character off only to have them come back through some mystical (or should we say scientific?) reasoning.

Even though we connected a bit with Helena, which in and of itself is a little concerning to us, we know, it only seemed natural that Sarah stopped the one force (that she knew of) that could seriously harm her daughter.

So naturally we’re wondering which clones will come into Sarah’s life next season, but even Maslany doesn’t know yet!

“I have no clue what kind of characters they’re going to create or what we’re going to explore.” She says, “I trust [the producers] implicitly and I’m just kinda like, ‘Whatever you guys want to throw at me, I’ll try to defend that character as much as I can and play with it and have fun.’ I’m really up for whatever’s coming.”

With the options still open for which parts of the world the clones can come from, we wanted to see what the fans were wanting for next season.

Let us know in the poll below where you want the next clone to be from! Do we want another American or Brit? What about one raised in some totally unexpected country like India or China? We’re excited to see what you think!

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