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Unfortunately if you tuned in last night you would have seen that Tatiana did not win for her SAG award nomination. She lost to the talented Viola Davis. Though I am a fan of Viola, I personally feel Tatiana really deserved this award. If you would like to see how it went down watch the video below:

How excited are you?! I’m thrilled. Season 3 has begun shooting!!! Orphan Black co-creater Graeme took to twitter today to post a photo of Tatiana and a few others on set. Check out the photo.

I’ve added a bunch of missing scans from the digital Entertainment Weekly‘s March 21st issue which contained more photos than the actual magazine. Huge thanks to my friend AliKat for these!

Entertainment Weekly

Happy 29th Birthday to Tatiana!! Hope she has a wonderful birthday.

I’ve added Tatiana’s recent spread in Actra Toronto Performers as well as a new recent photo session and an old scan and photo session. I will be adding Tatiana’s TIFF Appearances in a day or two. Check back!

• 006 x Actra Toronto Performers Magazine
• 001 x Hello! Magazine
• 001 x Photo Session #39
• 001 x Photo Session #40

It’s no secret that “Orphan Black’s” Tatiana Maslany was snubbed by the Emmys, and Billy Eichner wouldn’t let the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS) forget that on awards night.

The comedian hosted a special segment of his “Billy on the Street” show as part of the Emmys broadcast alongside awards host Seth Meyers. The pair walked up to people and gave them a dollar if they agreed with Eichner’s opinions on pop culture.

He told people one thing that no Orphan Black fan can deny: Canada’s own Maslany was notably overlooked by the awards.

Go to 3:15 on the video above to see how people reacted and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Just know it was wrong and that’s the only way to feel about it, in our humble opinion, and that of a number of Twitter users.

Kevin McHale (@druidDUDE) – verified
Good luck to all the #Emmys2014 nominees 2night! Especially the @MrRPMurphy fam! @tatianamaslany has already won all the awards in my heart.

Jack (@jdmalone95)
Interesting Fact: Tatiana Maslany could play all the characters these actors and actresses are nominated for. #EmmyForMaslany

Gustavo Bernal (@gus_no_fear)
#EmmyForMaslany cuz @tatianamaslany can play a con artist, soccer mom, geek scientist, a ruthless woman, an assassin, a dude, among others

Emmett Macfarlane (@EmmMacfarlane)
I assume no one gives credence to the Emmys based on the Tatiana Maslany snub alone.