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Orphan Black is digging up the past – literally.

In an exclusive teaser for Thursday’s season 4 premiere, Allison Hendrix (Tatiana Maslany) and husband Donnie (Kristian Bruun) are getting down and dirty to disintern the body of Dr. Aldous Leekie (Matt Frewer), whom they had to bury in their garage after Donnie accidentally shot him back in season 2 (whoopsy daisies!).

For now, it’s unclear why the Hendrixes are digging up Dr. Leekie, but one thing is certain (per Donnie): “It smells like hot garbage juice!”

But the late Neolutionist is not all that will be unearthed in season 4 – Maslany, Bruun and costar Jordan Gavaris (a.k.a. Felix) sat down with PEOPLE to tease the show’s return.

“Everybody this season has to deal with something from their past – whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing – and the repercussions that follow,” Bruun reveals.

“The season premiere deals with “the idea of origins and where everything started,” adds Maslany. “Questions that have come up in season 1, we’ll start to get answers to straight out of the gate.”

Though Maslany had to remain tight-lipped on what’s in store for most of the clones characters, she was able to divulge that “Sarah hits the ground running, [she’s] pulled right back into the mystery.”

Also roped in is the show’s newest clone M.K., whom Maslany describes as “a bit skittish, so it’s kind of hard to pin her down.” (Bruun does assure that M.K. has “a lot of answers for the sestras.”)

And grave-robbing aside, Bruun says that “Donnie is fighting for security and a sense of normalcy for his family. Things have been so wild in the suburbs over the last three seasons, and his and Allison’s life has changed so drastically that they just want to get back to normal life.”

Still, with pregnant clone Helena decamped at the Hendrix home, “there are going to be some more misadventures there. And he’s going to be interacting with some clones he’s never really had time with before, which is always exciting to play.”

He adds, “Donnie is in over his head in a certain way. … There’s some tiptoeing around that he’s going to experience for the first time.”

Gavaris notes that Felix is also treading new ground.

“I think it’s fair to say we’re going to see Felix having some adventures of his own,” he says. “He does branch out a little bit because he’s finding his place in the world now – that sounds like a pitch for Mary Tyler Moore. [Laughs] He’s trying to find out who he is outside of the family that he knew. Sarah’s related to Kendall and now S, so he’s really the only orphan in the family. He needs to sort out what that means for him and what he means to Sarah and to the rest of his family now that he’s not really a part of their bloodline.”

And though the stars didn’t dish out any details on upcoming dance parties or rain being made, Gavaris did promise, “You can expect some dancing, but maybe not physical dancing – some emotional dancing.”

Orphan Black returns Thursday at 10 p.m. ET to BBC America.

Happy Orphan Black Day! Later tonight Orphan Black will air the first episode of season 4. So exciting!! In honor of that I’ve added some new stunning additions of Tatiana to the gallery. They are MQ but I am hoping to add HQ ones in the near future. Enjoy!

Photo Session #62additions
2016: March 31 – 92Y Orphan Black Panel – Red Carpet & Arrivaladditions

Playing a seemingly unlimited number of characters on the same show can take its toll on an actor mentally and physically. Add in heaps of sugar, and you’ve got a recipe for a meltdown.

Orphan Black leading lady (or should we say ladies?) Tatiana Maslany revealed in PEOPLE Now’s Confess Sesh that her biggest on-set blooper came when one of last season’s final scenes required her to eat take after take of the sweet stuff.

“I lost my mind,” she admits to the laughter of costars Jordan Gavaris and Kristian Bruun. “I melted down publicly.”

Maslany, 30, explains, “We’d been doing the dinner scene for two days, it was the last pass, it was Helena eating broccoli … and John [Fawcett, the show’s creator,] just kept telling me to put more sugar on the food. And the sugar was throwing my body out of whack, and I started laughing so hard and I started crying.”

She added, “Everyone was either deeply concerned or, like, laughing at me and filming it.”

The Clone Clubbers also reveal their secret shames, biggest splurges and travel essentials, though might just Maslany win the Confess Sesh prize for her answer to the question: “If you could clone anyone on the cast, who would it be?”

She doesn’t miss a beat. “Myself – so I could have a nap.”

2016: April 12 – People Now – Screencaptures

As any Orphan Black fan can tell you, Tatiana Maslany and Kristian Bruun have some of the best on-screen chemistry on television. But what we really wanted to know was: Does that chemistry translate to real life?

So, in advance of Orphan Black’s fourth-season premiere this Thursday (10 p.m. ET on Space and BBC America), we put Maslany and Bruun to the test to see how well they really know each other. We asked them a series of personal questions to see if they could, er, clone each other’s answers. (Get it?)

1. Other than Alison, who is Kristian’s favourite clone?

Kristian: I don’t even know.
Tatiana: Really?
Kristian: No, I do.
Let’s see those answers!

Kristian: Rachel
Tatiana: Helena
Kristian: Ohhhh!
Tatiana: Really?!
Kristian: Rachel was my favourite in season 2, but Helena was better in season 3.
Tatiana: But it’s overall!
Kristian: Yeah, you actually answered my own question better than I did. God, I’m dumb.

2. What is Tatiana’s biggest pet peeve?

Kristian needed to think about this, but Tatiana knew her answer immediately. Bring it On.
Kristian: Me
Tatiana: Puking
Kristian: I’m kinda like puking.
Tatiana: I don’t like him specifically when he is puking.

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It makes sense that Tatiana Maslany, who plays—okay, we admit it, we lost track—around a dozen different women on Orphan Black, would be a bit of an everywoman. So when she sat down with before the cult clone drama’s fourth season premiere this Thursday, the conversation quickly turned to a few topics on which we vigorously co-sign—her love of the “Amys” (from Poehler to Schumer), her comedy binge-watch list, and a few choice words for online body shamers.

Catch us up on Orphan Black. There’s so much for fans and casual viewers to keep track of—where are we at the start of the season?

No idea! I have no clue. I’m on the show, and I have no clue what’s happening! [Laughs] We start off in a very different place to where we were when we last saw the clones, I’ll say that much. You’re not going to get what you’re expecting for episode one.

You play about a dozen characters now. For your own sanity, do you ever ask the writers to send a clone or two out to pasture?

Yeah—but they don’t do it. They keep adding more!

At least you have more characters for your reel.

[Laughs] Yeah, I have headshots for each character, and I hand those out on the street. Like, ‘What vibe do you want?’

What’s the secret to juggling all these character for four seasons?

My clone double, Kathryn Alexandre, is often there in the scene with me, so I do get to act with someone. And she’s awesome. We auditioned together. I had the part, and we auditioned someone to play my clone double and she came in and was just incredible. And the great thing was that she’s an actor too—she’s not just a stand in. She does all the accent work, all the movement work, she watches all the dailies. She’s incredible. She gives me a full performance. She was integral in creating MK, a new clone this season. She comes to set with questions about the scene, or about the storylines, or about the character arc, and it always gives me insight that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. She’s my life support in the show, for sure.

You were nominated for your first Emmy last year. Did you see the fans freaking out in excitement on your behalf?

That was the most exciting part about it. I’ve never followed award shows—I’ve just never been fascinated with that side of the industry—so it’s always a little weird and separate for me. But to have our fans care about it so much, that it means something to them, was really nice. I was just happy I didn’t have to get on that stage in front of all those people. I was just terrified being in that room. Gaby Hoffmann sat right in front of me, Jeffrey Tambor was just over there. I definitely geeked out on people for sure.

Who did you geek out on the most?

I geeked out on Amy Schumer. Every time I see Amy Poehler, I geek out on her. Just all the Amys, really.

You’re a comedy lover. What should people put on their must-watch comedy lists?

Broad City, Key & Peele, and Transparent, which is technically a comedy, but feels like a drama in that it’s just so soulful. And I recently saw this great movie called The Overnight, starring Adam Scott, Jason Schwartzman, and Taylor Schilling. It’s an awesome movie. There’s a scene with the guys wearing prosthetic penises, and it’s an amazing scene. That scene was so beautiful—when [Scott, who has the much-smaller prosthetic] is dancing around, naked. I’ve never seen that kind of expression on screen. It was just so awesome, so brave, to acknowledge that body shame is such a huge thing that we all carry with us, and then to dismantle it and laugh at it.

And to see it from a male perspective. We don’t usually see that.

No, no, because guys aren’t supposed to have shame about their bodies. They’re just supposed to be strong, and if they’re not, they’re not a man. But so many of my guy friends struggle with the same things we do as women.

Wentworth Miller recently wrote about how “it hurt to breathe” when he saw that a photo of him from when he’d gained weight—taken during a dark time in his life, when he was struggling with depression—had become a meme.

I’ll never understand that. I’ll never, never understand why people think it’s their business to comment on other people’s bodies. I go to a spa in LA sometimes, a Korean day spa, and all the women there are nude. And I’ve never felt so in love with the human form as when I’m walking around and seeing all those bodies, thinking, Oh my god, we’re all just built so differently. And every single body is beautiful. I will never understand that shame, and the reinforcement of that shame. It’s crazy.

Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski recently came under fire to for posing topless on Instagram. Ratajkowski responded that just because she posts a nude image doesn’t mean she should be open to slut-shaming. What do you think?

[Sexuality] is so much more complex than our boobs. My sexuality isn’t me as an object to be looked at. It’s the way I say “hello” to somebody, the way I sit with somebody. A body is just a body. But we’re really afraid of bodies. They hold a lot of power—I think that’s why people can try to shame them so easily, because they are so powerful.

2016 Elle

Your eyes have not deceived you. Captivating Tatiana Maslany has a new design in honor of all of us awesome Tatiana fans. I hope you all like it!

I’ve also updated a lot of the site’s content including Tatiana’s information, career, and the Orphan Black section. I’ve also updated the gallery with a couple thousand missing photos I had been missing. Now the gallery is as complete as I can get it.

In the meantime, I don’t know about you but I will marathon Orphan Black before the season 4 premiere!

Season 4 of Orphan Black premieres April 14 on BBC America and it is a throwback to season 1 in many ways. But there will still be new characters, as well as a new clone. We spoke with star Tatiana Maslany about helping to create the new character M.K., a sestra who has intel on the Neolution conspiracy, but has trouble trusting anyone, even her fellow clones.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We’ve seen images of this new clone M.K. in her sheep mask and everything. Tell me about what you can say about this clone and also talk a little bit about the process of bringing a new character to the screen.
TATIANA MASLANY: Yeah, it’s really intensive. [Co-creator Graeme Manson] kind of dropped the idea of M.K. in my head in the summer before we started shooting. So, I had a bit more time to prep her and think about her, which was exciting for me to not be mid-season and be like, “Oh, now you have to create a Rachel.” I was like, “Great.” It was nice to have that space. And in terms of M.K., there were a lot of unknowns. So, she still is kind of a mystery to me as well, but hair and makeup, Stephen [Lynch] and Katarina [Chovanec​] — we worked a lot on her look and bouncing photos back and forth of what was kind of inspiring us, and sort of putting her into this stunted place.

She’s a little bit of a kid still, which is really fun to explore because all of the clones have kind of had to grow up quite quickly and take on a lot of big life things. And it’s stopped her from progressing. But, at the same time, she’s got this incredible mind that doesn’t think like anybody else’s and is 900 steps ahead of everybody else. So, I looked at Björk a little bit and the way her creativity works, and the way her mind works, and she has this aptitude for science and patterns, and for structures and then breaking those structures. I kind of looked at her and her music a little bit for M.K.

And as you’re figuring this all out internally and going through all these things, how much do you have to share that with Kathryn Alexandre, your performance double, who acts those scenes with you. I know that her performance is really important as well so how do you work with her to make sure she knows what’s going on in your head?
Well, luckily we had two weeks of rehearsal where we got to not extensively rehearse, but we did get a few hours in a room where Kathryn, [co-creator John Fawcett], Graeme and I sort of hashed things out, played with the characters, improvised a little and tried to find M.K. together. So Kathryn was very integral in that process and she always asks questions that I would never think of. The way she sees things is so detailed and she sees things that we don’t see necessarily, and sheds light on something that really opens up a character, opens up a scene. So, Kathryn’s so integral to the process and luckily we got to kind of create M.K. together in that way.

At the end of season 2 we had a clone dance party, and at the end of season 3 we had a clone dinner party. I know John Fawcett must have had something big planned for you at the end of season 4 as well.
Yeah, I think John especially is very interested in always pushing the limits of those clone scenes and what we’re able to do with them. And the more comfortable we get with the technology the more we try to get uncomfortable with it. So, the scenes this season, I’d say there’s an emotional like risk in them. Like, there’s a complexity to the emotion of it and maybe more so than the showy technical side of it.