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It’s cute that those TV actresses deliver one great performance a year. As a set of clones of Orphan Black, Tatiana Maslany gives about a dozen. A chat with TV’s best actress.

Over the course of Orphan Black’s run—the sci-fi hit’s fourth season premieres Thursday—star Tatiana Maslany has been tasked with, well, a lot.

She’s played over a dozen different characters: a desperate German girl on the run, an earthy lesbian scientist, a tightly wound housewife, a British vagabond with a heart of gold, a feral Ukrainian assassin, and a dizzying array of clones all with their own accents, mannerisms, backstories, and distinct personalities.

She’s shot scores of—what’s the word—WTF scenes in which one of the characters she plays interacts—even fistfights—with another. In the show’s biggest mind-melt and possibly the greatest of Maslany’s numerous feats of acting, she’s even played clones pretending to be other clones.

It’s undoubtedly the greatest performance on television, in that Maslany, with each episode, delivers about seven or eight great performances.

When the series, about a group of women who discover they are clones and that their lives are in danger, returns Thursday, the season will be structured around a provocative theme: “The only way forward is to go back.”

With that theme in mind and with Season Four on the horizon, we asked Maslany herself to go back. Way back. All the way to the beginning, when she was auditioning for Orphan Black and about to take on the most arduous acting challenge on TV. Did she have any idea what was going to be asked of her? What she was about to get into?

“Not. At. All,” Maslany laughs. “Not remotely.”

Orphan Black, at this point in the game, has a DNA double helix of a plot that only the show’s most obsessive fans can untangle. The web of character relationships and Russian nesting doll of secret organizations, double agents, and covert scheming comprise a rat’s net of storylines to unscramble. A rat’s nest that, as it turns out, is a surprisingly hospitable home for viewers tantalized by the show’s addictive twists, rich mythology, and Maslany’s chameleonic acting abilities.

Funnily enough, Maslany herself has a hard time keeping track of the storylines while flitting in and out of the myriad characters she plays on the show, often calling herself “not a plotty person.”

“I did not tell them that in the audition, or I would not have gotten this part,” she says laughing, again.

That’s the thing about Tatiana Maslany. She may be on one of the darkest, most intense shows on television, and deep into not just one but a dozen characters affected by that intensity and that darkness. But, my god, she laughs a lot.

She laughs throughout our entire interview, exuding a warmth and erstwhile chillness that counteracts any assumption you might make about a thespian on a show that demands so much and is so moody and psychologically aggressive.

Season Four picks up by, as that tagline suggests, going back.

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I’ve added a new interview of Tatiana that she did for Hot Topic. I’ll be adding screencaps of Orphan Black later today. Check back.

2016: April 14 – Hot Topic Interview

I’ve replaced some MQ episode stills of episode 401 of Orphan Black with HQ ones as well as added a handful more. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t contain my excitement for tonight’s episode!

Orphan Black: 401 – Stills

BBC America have put up a printable sheep mask you can wear and be just like MK, Tatiana’s new clone who will be introduced tonight! Simply print it and cut it out on the dotted lines. You can attach it to a popsticle stick and hold it or poke some holes on the sides and tie with a string.

Grab your sheep mask here!

Orphan Black is digging up the past – literally.

In an exclusive teaser for Thursday’s season 4 premiere, Allison Hendrix (Tatiana Maslany) and husband Donnie (Kristian Bruun) are getting down and dirty to disintern the body of Dr. Aldous Leekie (Matt Frewer), whom they had to bury in their garage after Donnie accidentally shot him back in season 2 (whoopsy daisies!).

For now, it’s unclear why the Hendrixes are digging up Dr. Leekie, but one thing is certain (per Donnie): “It smells like hot garbage juice!”

But the late Neolutionist is not all that will be unearthed in season 4 – Maslany, Bruun and costar Jordan Gavaris (a.k.a. Felix) sat down with PEOPLE to tease the show’s return.

“Everybody this season has to deal with something from their past – whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing – and the repercussions that follow,” Bruun reveals.

“The season premiere deals with “the idea of origins and where everything started,” adds Maslany. “Questions that have come up in season 1, we’ll start to get answers to straight out of the gate.”

Though Maslany had to remain tight-lipped on what’s in store for most of the clones characters, she was able to divulge that “Sarah hits the ground running, [she’s] pulled right back into the mystery.”

Also roped in is the show’s newest clone M.K., whom Maslany describes as “a bit skittish, so it’s kind of hard to pin her down.” (Bruun does assure that M.K. has “a lot of answers for the sestras.”)

And grave-robbing aside, Bruun says that “Donnie is fighting for security and a sense of normalcy for his family. Things have been so wild in the suburbs over the last three seasons, and his and Allison’s life has changed so drastically that they just want to get back to normal life.”

Still, with pregnant clone Helena decamped at the Hendrix home, “there are going to be some more misadventures there. And he’s going to be interacting with some clones he’s never really had time with before, which is always exciting to play.”

He adds, “Donnie is in over his head in a certain way. … There’s some tiptoeing around that he’s going to experience for the first time.”

Gavaris notes that Felix is also treading new ground.

“I think it’s fair to say we’re going to see Felix having some adventures of his own,” he says. “He does branch out a little bit because he’s finding his place in the world now – that sounds like a pitch for Mary Tyler Moore. [Laughs] He’s trying to find out who he is outside of the family that he knew. Sarah’s related to Kendall and now S, so he’s really the only orphan in the family. He needs to sort out what that means for him and what he means to Sarah and to the rest of his family now that he’s not really a part of their bloodline.”

And though the stars didn’t dish out any details on upcoming dance parties or rain being made, Gavaris did promise, “You can expect some dancing, but maybe not physical dancing – some emotional dancing.”

Orphan Black returns Thursday at 10 p.m. ET to BBC America.

Happy Orphan Black Day! Later tonight Orphan Black will air the first episode of season 4. So exciting!! In honor of that I’ve added some new stunning additions of Tatiana to the gallery. They are MQ but I am hoping to add HQ ones in the near future. Enjoy!

Photo Session #62additions
2016: March 31 – 92Y Orphan Black Panel – Red Carpet & Arrivaladditions

Playing a seemingly unlimited number of characters on the same show can take its toll on an actor mentally and physically. Add in heaps of sugar, and you’ve got a recipe for a meltdown.

Orphan Black leading lady (or should we say ladies?) Tatiana Maslany revealed in PEOPLE Now’s Confess Sesh that her biggest on-set blooper came when one of last season’s final scenes required her to eat take after take of the sweet stuff.

“I lost my mind,” she admits to the laughter of costars Jordan Gavaris and Kristian Bruun. “I melted down publicly.”

Maslany, 30, explains, “We’d been doing the dinner scene for two days, it was the last pass, it was Helena eating broccoli … and John [Fawcett, the show’s creator,] just kept telling me to put more sugar on the food. And the sugar was throwing my body out of whack, and I started laughing so hard and I started crying.”

She added, “Everyone was either deeply concerned or, like, laughing at me and filming it.”

The Clone Clubbers also reveal their secret shames, biggest splurges and travel essentials, though might just Maslany win the Confess Sesh prize for her answer to the question: “If you could clone anyone on the cast, who would it be?”

She doesn’t miss a beat. “Myself – so I could have a nap.”

2016: April 12 – People Now – Screencaptures

As any Orphan Black fan can tell you, Tatiana Maslany and Kristian Bruun have some of the best on-screen chemistry on television. But what we really wanted to know was: Does that chemistry translate to real life?

So, in advance of Orphan Black’s fourth-season premiere this Thursday (10 p.m. ET on Space and BBC America), we put Maslany and Bruun to the test to see how well they really know each other. We asked them a series of personal questions to see if they could, er, clone each other’s answers. (Get it?)

1. Other than Alison, who is Kristian’s favourite clone?

Kristian: I don’t even know.
Tatiana: Really?
Kristian: No, I do.
Let’s see those answers!

Kristian: Rachel
Tatiana: Helena
Kristian: Ohhhh!
Tatiana: Really?!
Kristian: Rachel was my favourite in season 2, but Helena was better in season 3.
Tatiana: But it’s overall!
Kristian: Yeah, you actually answered my own question better than I did. God, I’m dumb.

2. What is Tatiana’s biggest pet peeve?

Kristian needed to think about this, but Tatiana knew her answer immediately. Bring it On.
Kristian: Me
Tatiana: Puking
Kristian: I’m kinda like puking.
Tatiana: I don’t like him specifically when he is puking.

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