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Tatiana Maslany will be back in Orphan Black Season 5, which will premiere in 2017 on Space. It turned out that the actress has something to do with the decision to have the upcoming season as the last season of the sci-fi series created by John Fawcett and Graeme Manson.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Manson pointed out that it was a creative decision. He revealed it was “very much” a decision with him and Fawcett and “to a certain extent,” as well as Maslany’s.

Manson described Orphan Black as fast-paced show offering a lot of stories each season. For him, they have successfully kept the show sharp and relevant by packing all that much stuff in the previous four seasons.

According to Manson, their biggest fear is repeating themselves and just did not want the show to become “watered down.” He explained that this led to their decision to cancel the series.

Fawcett and Manson made a pact that they would stay with Orphan Black until the end, the latter pointed out. According to Manson, he and Fawcett had “a pretty good idea” for a long time that Season 5 would be the furthest that they could take the ball down the field.

At present, nothing is planned after the Orphan Black Season 5 finale. However, it is said that there is a possibility for a spinoff or a film adaptation in the future.

Orphan Black Season 4 ended with Rachel Duncan (Maslany) happily preparing to meet the Neolution founder named P.T. Westmoreland who was supposedly from centuries ago and was still alive. Prior to this, Sarah Manning (Maslany) discovered that Kira (Skyler Wexler) and Siobhan “Mrs. S” Sadler (Maria Doyle Kennedy) were being held captive by Ferdinand Chevalier (James Frain).

On the big screen, Maslany is set to star in Stronger. Set to hit theaters in 2017, the drama film also stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Frankie Shaw, Miranda Richardson, Owen Burke, Jimmy LeBlanc, Clany Brown and Josephine Cooper.

The latest “Orphan Black” season 5 spoilers have suggested that the upcoming episodes will revolve around the battle between Sarah Manning and her clone Rachel Duncan, both played by Tatiana Maslany.

Where would their war end up?

Before the cast of the Canadian science fiction thriller television series, which was created by screenwriter Graeme Manson and directed by John Fawcett, join the panel at the Comic-Con on Friday, we have put together the details we have learned so far.

According to Manson, the upcoming “Orphan Black” season 5 “will be going back to that elemental Sarah versus Rachel nemesis dynamic,” Entertainment Weekly revealed.

Manson further narrated that in order to make the series’ plot and storyline or exciting, Krystal Goderich, the bubbly blonde beautician also portrayed by Maslany, is expected to return after appearing in season 3 and 4.

As with the male clones, the co-creator suggested that Ira (Ari Millen) will be reprising his role while teasing that the production team has “left a Castor or two out in the wind.”

“There may be other ‘Orphan Black’ characters we’ve met over the past few seasons still in the wind that we would be very interested to somehow roll back into our story next year,” he said about the “Orphan Black” season 5 spoilers that its followers can look forward to.

Meanwhile, back in April, Fawcett shared that the fifth season will already mark the end of the well-loved and widely-acclaimed sci-fi series.

“I think we want to wrap this story up by the end of season five,” he told E! News.

However, he hinted about the possibility of still considering another season when he declared, “if there are still a lot of fans and a lot of desire to see this show after that, I think there would be some reinvention necessary or some kind of new spin.”

Keep posted for more “Orphan Black” season 5 spoilers and updates as its cast participates in the Comic-Con.

Friday, July 29th The GoGo’s stop in to chat about their upcoming farewell tour. Author Mary Roach joins Chelsea in-studio for an explosive interview about the Science behind an orgasm. Actress Tatiana Maslany of ORPHAN BLACK also swings by to discuss her Emmy nomination.

You can watch Chelsea on Netflix.

Celebrities may have a hard time navigating the real world without being pestered by adoring fans. But at Comic-Con, full-body costumes are not only welcome—they’re encouraged. Actors can easily disappear among the thousands of fans in San Diego by donning a Spider-Man mask or Chewbacca helmet, leaving them free to anonymously soak in the convention’s fandom frenzy. And last year, Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany decided to give Comic-Con cosplay a whirl.

While sitting in a Hilton Bayfront hallway on Friday, Maslany recounted her hilarious cosplay-gone-wrong tale—the time she and Orphan Black co-star Kristian Brunn (who plays Donnie) decided to venture out into downtown San Diego in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes. Because they had only previously experienced Comic-Con on tight publicists’ leashes—appearing at designated panels and interviews before returning directly to their hotel rooms—they did not quite understand how the convention worked when it came to costume limits.

“We didn’t go out on the convention floor,” Maslany laughed, referring to the giant convention ballroom that is the hot, costume nucleus of Comic-Con. “We went to a comedy show, like out of the main Comic-Con area in San Diego . . . thinking that we would have to be in costume for some reason? Like the entire city dressed up. But we were the only two dressed up. It was so embarrassing. We were trying to be inconspicuous but we were just conspicuous.”

As if two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles attending a comedy show weren’t enough of an insane visual, Maslany explained that the costumes didn’t even fit.

“Kristian brought them in from Canada [where Orphan Black is filmed],” said Maslany. (If you’re wondering, she was dressed as Raphael.) “They were two children’s-sized Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes. And Kristian is a tall man, so the shorts were up his butt.”

Despite the costume miscalculation, Maslany revealed that the two were unwilling to waver when it came to embodying the number-one virtue of Comic-Con cosplay: unflagging commitment.

Asked if they stayed for the entire show upon discovering they were the only audience members in costume, Maslany answered resolutely, “Yep.” Though: “We eventually took the masks off because we were like, ‘This is ridiculous.’”

The humiliation did not end there, however.

“We got made fun of!” Maslany remembered in horror. “The comedian onstage made fun of us. He was just like, ‘Is anyone dressed up tonight?’ We raised our hands and he was like, ‘Anyone else? [Long pause] No? Okay.’ We were like [embarrassed groans].”

Despite last year’s humiliation, Maslany is genuinely thrilled to be back, and lamented the fact that she had not brought a costume this year.

“I would love to go out, but I don’t know that I want to be wearing anything on my body right now,” she said, gesturing outside, where red-faced Jon Snows were tempting heat stroke in fur hoodies.

Just then, a woman with purple hair excitedly approached Maslany, cell phone in hand. The fan congratulated Maslany on her recent Emmy nomination, not seeing this writer’s tape recorder or noticing that the actress was mid-interview. After a few moments of giddy, complimentary chatter, the fan’s attention drifted back to her cell phone.

“Sorry,” the fan said nonchalantly, as though we were all old friends. “I was on my way to the bathroom and was catching Pokémon.”

Maslany, a good sport, engaged politely.

“I feel like there have to be very rare Pokémon here,” Maslany said, referring to the augmented-reality-based mobile app, which is a already a cultural sensation worth billions three weeks after its release.

“They’re going to drop a rare Pokémon too this weekend,” the fan added, eyes glued to the cell phone, feet apparently superglued to the floor.

“Like how rare?” Maslany asked. “Are we talking a Mewtwo?”

“Look what’s right there!” the fan said, pointing to her phone without looking up.

“What is that, a Psyduck?” asked Maslany.

“It’s a Magnus.”

“Get him!” Maslany enthused.

With marching orders from the Orphan Black star, the fan wandered off in the direction of the elusive monster.

Unexpected intermission now over, and a nearby publicist signaling that she was about to wrap up the conversation, I 86-ed my attempt to find an elegant transition between Psyducks and Orphan Black and asked Maslany what she knows about the sci-fi drama’s fifth and final season.

“I know a little bit about it,” Maslany admitted. “I sat in the writers’ room on the second day they were in there [mapping out the fifth season], and I got to watch that process. The writers were super inspiring, and it was exciting to hear how they put things in context politically and socially and historically . . .”

Maslany interrupted herself to point over my shoulder excitedly. I turned around, half expecting to see a Psyduck—whatever the hell that looks like.

“There’s Buzz Lightyear walking by,” Maslany laughed, as the Toy Story space ranger stiffly ambled down the hallway towards a restroom. He was wearing an extravagant and what looked to be heavy costume made from unbreathable plastics. “That is a committed Buzz Lightyear!” Maslany marveled. “In this heat! Wow, that is awesome!”

Back to speaking about Orphan Black, Maslany modestly said she does not consider her ability to seamlessly slip in and out of clone characters with unique personalities and accents—sometimes impersonating each other—a special skill.

“I’ve got friends who do one-person shows on stage or improv, and there is a lot of transformation in their work,” Maslany said humbly. “A lot of quick changes on the spot.”

Will more clones be introduced in the final season?

“I don’t know,” she teased with a smile.

Does she think the clones will re-unite next season for another incredible, C.G.I.-enhanced scene featuring all of the characters played by Maslany?

“I’m not sure,” she said. “It’s a nightmare logistically, but so fun. Definitely one of the most fun things we got to see on the show.”

Having played a clone, would she ever consider cloning a pet?

“I don’t know that I would feel O.K. about it,” Maslany said, gamely answering our lightning-round, publicist-pressured last questions. “I think it’s interesting scientifically in terms of advancements and in terms of organs and cloning body parts and regenerating them so we can give people a new lease on life but I don’t know . . . I’m still kind of on the fence about it.”

How does she feel about saying goodbye to the clones after next season?

“I’m super sad. It’s weird. I haven’t actually thought about that . . . That’s probably going to be the hardest thing. Because I do really love playing all of these parts. I would never otherwise get to play Rachel. A casting director wouldn’t see me as these characters, so it’s been a real joy.”

With that, the purple-haired fan returned, triumphantly waving her cell phone.

“I got it!” she exclaimed.

Maslany cheered. And just as quickly as she appeared, the actress and her publicist bid adieu and slipped back into the wonderful chaos that is Comic-Con.

Tatiana Maslany, who received her second Emmy drama actress nomination last week for Orphan Black, will say goodbye to the BBC America show after its fifth and final season next year. It will wrap up the role of a lifetime for the Canadian actress, who has gotten to wear several different masks from suburban housewife (Alison Hendrix) to fierce Ukrainian (Helena) on the series.

Three years ago, when Maslany was overlooked at the Emmys, Scandal star Kerry Washington was dumbfounded: She’s always been gobsmacked by Maslany’s work.

Today at Comic-Con ahead of the show’s official panel this afternoon in Room 6BCF, Maslany didn’t specify new projects but said, “I’d like to do more theater.” She has two features on the horizon: Kim Nugyen’s tragic-co-dependent love story Two Lovers And A Bear and David Gordon Green’s Boston Marathon bombing feature Stronger opposite Jake Gyllenhaal.

In Two Lovers And A Bear, Maslany plays a wife, who along with her husband brave life in a town near the North Pole. The pic has nuances of The Revenant.

Still, playing all sorts of clones on Orphan Black is the ultimate challenge for an actor. Will Maslany ever find that high again?

“Of course, the quantity (of roles) on Orphan Black was a challenge for me, I but I seek out challenge in my work, and collaborating with different directors is a challenge in itself,” said Maslany.

Graeme Manson, co-creator of Orphan Black, said, “It was our decision to end the show.” Talking with co-creator John Fawcett, they’re completely open to a spinoff series or a feature film, but there’s nothing definite at this point.

“In Two Lovers, the elements themselves were a challenge, and the emotional depth spoke to me. It’s not always about the amount of characters,” added the actress.

In regards to teasing the final season of Orphan Black, will there be more clone casualties? Will the clones reach a peaceful equilibrium?

“I feel like (clones being killed off) have been a threat from Season 1,” she said. “We’re not exempt from that. I don’t see a quiet peacefulness for them; their spirits are restless and they’re not tamable.”

Hey guys! Tatiana and the cast of Orphan Black are at San Diego Comic Con promoting the series. I’m so excited!! Anyhow I’ve added photos to the gallery throughout the weekend so this will be the master post for images. Many have been replaced after they were added with larger versions. Also, you can find all comic con related videos and interviews below. Big thanks to my friends for their photo donations AliKat, Victoria, Carol, Mary, and Neide.

2016 San Diego Comic Con: Photos

July 22 – San Diego Comic Conimages from red carpet, signings, interview room, etc.
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July 22 – San Diego Comic Con: Portrait #1professional portraits from SDCC.
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July 22 – San Diego Comic Con: Portrait #3 – Behind the Scenesscreencaps of behind the scenes of these portraits from SDCC.
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July 23 – San Diego Comic Con: Panelimages of Tatiana at the Women Who Kick Ass Panel.
July 23 – San Diego Comic Con: EW Partyimages of Tatiana at the EW Party.


2016 San Diego Comic Con: Videos

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SyFy Channel – Tatiana Arrives At SDCC – Day 3

In the past few years, Tatiana Maslany has received many honours.

The Saskatchewan native just picked up a second Emmy nomination for playing a woman cloned on “Orphan Black.” That star turn has also earned her three Canadian Screen Awards, two Critics’ Choice Television Awards, a TCA award as well as Golden Globe and SAG nominations.

Her biggest thrill? Last season she got to do a voice-over on “BoJack Horseman.”

“That’s dream stuff,” says Maslany. “It’s so good, isn’t it? And so smart, too.”

Maslany is part of a growing list of entertainers who have lent voice to the animated series, which premieres for a third season Friday on Netflix. Paul McCartney, Daniel Radcliffe, Naomi Watts, Henry Winkler and Lance Bass have all spoken for themselves on the series.

The characters can be people, animals, fish or fowl. The series stars another Canadian — Toronto-native Will Arnett — as the voice of BoJack, a horse who is trying to make it in Hollywood. BoJack’s fits of depression lead this edgy comedy into many dark places, not unlike themes explored on contemporary shows such as “Louie” or even Arnett’s recent live action drama for Netflix, “Flaked.”

Other regulars include Amy Sedaris as Princess Caroline, a Persian cat who is BoJack’s agent and occasional girlfriend. Alison Brie plays a Vietnamese-American ghostwriter from Boston who lives with former sitcom star and current game show host, Mr. Peanutbutter (an anthropomorphic yellow Labrador retriever voiced by comedian Paul F. Tompkins).

Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad”) voices Todd Chavez, an unemployed, 24-year-old slacker who, Kato Kaelin-like, crashed at BoJack’s house and never left.

Maslany played a mouse who worked at Mr. Peanutbutter’s game show. She was trying to impress J.D. Salinger, voiced by Alan Arkin.

In three short seasons, “BoJack” has rivalled “The Simpsons” as the place to be heard but not seen. Others who have recorded for the series as recurring characters include Patton Oswalt, Olivia Wilde, Wendie Malick, J.K. Simmons, Ken Jeong and Lisa Kudrow.

“BoJack Horseman” is the brainchild of 31-year-old comedian Raphael Bob-Waksberg, who pitched Netflix on a show that was honest about sadness.

Depression, unhappiness and loneliness are themes expressed in many of today’s dark comedies, from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” to “Man Seeking Woman” to “You’re the Worst.”

Why are so many of today’s comedians exploring the dark side?

Louis C.K., pretty much the father of the modern movement, says he simply wants the freedom to explore dark and light in what he does.

“It’s not like I’m playing basketball and I want to play baseball,” he told critics in Los Angeles last year. “You can do them both on the same court.”

He’s put “Louie” on hiatus while he works on other things, including the FX series “Baskets” as well as the upcoming Amazon Video black comedy “One Mississippi.” He feels comedians should be free to explore dramatic moments within a comedy framework.

“To me, most comedy movies that are comedies don’t make me laugh as much. But movies that reach back pretty far — ‘Raging Bull’ and ‘Goodfellas’ — are hilarious movies, but they’re very dark. They’re considered dramas, I guess, but those things make me laugh.”

Tatiana Maslany (7/26) and Cara Delevingne (7/27) will appear on upcoming editions of “The Late Late Show With James Corden.”

One just received her second Emmy nomination. One appears in the upcoming blockbuster “Suicide Squad.”

Both will be appearing on upcoming editions of “The Late Late Show With James Corden.”

CBS confirms “Orphan Black” star Tatiana Maslany, the former, for the July 26 “Corden.” The episode will also feature Mike Birbiglia.

Model-actress Cara Delevingne, who is the aforementioned “Suicide Squad” cast member, is set for the July 27 episode. Dave Franco will also appear as a discussion guest, while Leon will perform.- Source

Is there anything that Tatiana Maslany cannot do? That seems to be one of the resounding themes of Orphan Black, a perfectly sci-fi drama series that challenges the 30-year-old actress by putting her in numerous roles as several identical clones created under Project Leda. This year marks Maslany’s second nomination for Best Actress in a Television Drama and, hopefully, her first big Emmy win.

The show’s perfect lighting and CGI deserves an Emmy of their own, but it’s truly Maslany’s performances that make these characters so different from one another: When one is in conflict with the other, it never seems like Maslany is fighting with herself. One of the show’s greatest gags, in fact, was on full display during the action-packed season finale, when Maslany portrayed Sarah, who was disguised as manicurist clone Krystal.

Beyond the phenomenon is a roster of complex characters, and, while some fans prefer certain clones over others, one thing is for certain: It’s really hard to choose. So, while some may disagree with this ranking, please know that it was made as painstakingly as a fictional character ranking can be.

12. Janika, Aryanna, and Danielle
Let’s get this one out of the way quick, since it’s at the top of every list, anyway. While these ladies were probably very cool, none of them have really been fleshed out yet. At least, not in the story. But by Helena? Yes, probably.

11. Jennifer Fitzsimmons
A cautionary tale to the ailing Cosima, Jennifer’s progressive illness worsened and warned the brilliant scientist about what was about to happen. Though Maslany’s performance as Jennifer can only be seen through old tapes, watching her downfall was like enduring a slow heartbreak. As soon as one realized it was too late for Jennifer, she was gone, just as her last words had predicted.

10. Krystal Goderich
Krystal saw more action this past season, and her perfectly off-center personality shined as she served as a vital informant to her sestras. Sure, she doesn’t quite understand what’s going on; and sure, she’s pretty vain; and sure, she called Sarah a 7…but Krystal is a breath of fresh air, sometimes, when the show dips into grim territory.

9. Katja Obinger
Katja may have been strange, but she was also quick, cunning and ready to fight for her life. While her death came swift and early, Katja’s sacrifice helped to connect vital dots about Project Leda right at the show’s beginning. Katja’s sitting at Number 9 for her keen senses, her will to survive, and her killer style.

8. Tony Sawicki
Tony is only really ranked this low because of the lack of time we’ve spent with him. There’s been a lot of important discussion about Maslany’s controversial role as a transgender man, but Tony’s expressive charm and comfortable nature have been unforgettable since we last saw him in Season 2. Tony has seemingly decided not to deal with the problems of Project Leda, which is probably for the best, given that things have only gotten progressively worse for the rest of the Leda clones. .

7. Rachel Duncan
She was bad, she was good, now she’s bad again, and goodness, do I love her that way. Rachel’s villainy is now back in top form with Evie Cho out of the way, and all bets are off for alliances — to a degree. Rachel is an interesting character because of the way she seems to subvert the tropes of struggling between light and dark. Rachel has her moments, but she is likely not on her way to becoming the Vegeta to Sarah’s Goku anytime soon.

6. Beth Childs
The linchpin behind it all, Beth’s actual appearances are short — and one of them is a hallucination. Beth’s suicide at the beginning of the show set off a chain reaction, and while we’ve gotten to spend little time with the character, her legacy lived on (until Sarah kind of screwed it up). Beth’s brief appearance during a hallucination-slash-vision was an emotional, strange trip into the character’s few words.

5. M.K.
New to this past season, M.K. (or, Veera Suominen) is a major link to the events that occurred before the night of Beth’s suicide. M.K. was close to Beth, and most of her early life, as Veera, can be seen in the Orphan Black: Helsinki comic. While her relationship with other clones, including Sarah, is still forming, M.K. is an interesting new character whose sense of survivor’s remorse is worn on her sleeve.

4. Alison Hendrix
Alison may be purposefully drawn back from as much Clone Drama as she can be, but let’s face it: she’s the source of a lot of the less lethal drama, most of the time. Alison’s bouts of paranoia and battles with anxiety seemed a little played up when she first appeared, but her character has eased into a far less selfish, far more open person over the past few seasons. Alison may not be at her best state of mental health at all times, but for what it’s worth, that sense of helplessness within the anxiety she feels (however dramaticized) is perfectly executed on screen by Maslany.

3. Sarah Manning
The primary protagonist among the clone sisterhood has come so far over the past few years, and is still one of the best among all of the clones for her presentation of a complicated woman trying to do her best as a mother. Rarely do we see moms spotlighted in such unapologetic ways, especially during a rekindling familial relationship like the one between Sarah and her daughter, Kira. Tenderness edges along Sarah’s gruff exterior, and somehow, Sarah stands out during moments where she has to impersonate another clone – which happens a lot more to her than anyone else on the show.

2. Helena
Helena isn’t crazy just to be crazy, and she isn’t angsty for the sake of angst. Helena has been part of some of the most violent scenes in the show, and has killed several of her beloved “sestras” in the past, but is a compelling person who toes the line between good and bad. Maslany’s performances as the erratic Helena are often some of the most talked-about every time she appears. Helena’s complicated relationships with the other clones may have softened (for the most part), but even though she’s living with Allison, she’s still very unpredictable.

1. Cosima Niehaus
From start to finish, Cosima’s view of the world and the way she copes with trauma have been one of the most intriguing parts of her character. The laid back, open lesbian, scientist super-nerd charmed her way into fans’ hearts with her clever wit and unrelenting need to care for her newfound sisters. As logical as she wishes she were, Cosima’s humanity is what makes her shine, and her bold will to survive in the face of a dilapidating disease (and supreme heartbreak) are the highlights of Maslany’s performances as the character.

I personally think Krystal should be ranked closer to the top of the list. She’s so fun and fab!

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