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Press: Tatiana Maslany, Cara Delevingne Scheduled For “Late Late Show With James Corden”

Tatiana Maslany (7/26) and Cara Delevingne (7/27) will appear on upcoming editions of “The Late Late Show With James Corden.”

One just received her second Emmy nomination. One appears in the upcoming blockbuster “Suicide Squad.”

Both will be appearing on upcoming editions of “The Late Late Show With James Corden.”

CBS confirms “Orphan Black” star Tatiana Maslany, the former, for the July 26 “Corden.” The episode will also feature Mike Birbiglia.

Model-actress Cara Delevingne, who is the aforementioned “Suicide Squad” cast member, is set for the July 27 episode. Dave Franco will also appear as a discussion guest, while Leon will perform.- Source

Press: Orphan Black: Tatiana Maslany’s best clone performances, ranked

Is there anything that Tatiana Maslany cannot do? That seems to be one of the resounding themes of Orphan Black, a perfectly sci-fi drama series that challenges the 30-year-old actress by putting her in numerous roles as several identical clones created under Project Leda. This year marks Maslany’s second nomination for Best Actress in a Television Drama and, hopefully, her first big Emmy win.

The show’s perfect lighting and CGI deserves an Emmy of their own, but it’s truly Maslany’s performances that make these characters so different from one another: When one is in conflict with the other, it never seems like Maslany is fighting with herself. One of the show’s greatest gags, in fact, was on full display during the action-packed season finale, when Maslany portrayed Sarah, who was disguised as manicurist clone Krystal.

Beyond the phenomenon is a roster of complex characters, and, while some fans prefer certain clones over others, one thing is for certain: It’s really hard to choose. So, while some may disagree with this ranking, please know that it was made as painstakingly as a fictional character ranking can be.

12. Janika, Aryanna, and Danielle
Let’s get this one out of the way quick, since it’s at the top of every list, anyway. While these ladies were probably very cool, none of them have really been fleshed out yet. At least, not in the story. But by Helena? Yes, probably.

11. Jennifer Fitzsimmons
A cautionary tale to the ailing Cosima, Jennifer’s progressive illness worsened and warned the brilliant scientist about what was about to happen. Though Maslany’s performance as Jennifer can only be seen through old tapes, watching her downfall was like enduring a slow heartbreak. As soon as one realized it was too late for Jennifer, she was gone, just as her last words had predicted.

10. Krystal Goderich
Krystal saw more action this past season, and her perfectly off-center personality shined as she served as a vital informant to her sestras. Sure, she doesn’t quite understand what’s going on; and sure, she’s pretty vain; and sure, she called Sarah a 7…but Krystal is a breath of fresh air, sometimes, when the show dips into grim territory.

9. Katja Obinger
Katja may have been strange, but she was also quick, cunning and ready to fight for her life. While her death came swift and early, Katja’s sacrifice helped to connect vital dots about Project Leda right at the show’s beginning. Katja’s sitting at Number 9 for her keen senses, her will to survive, and her killer style.

8. Tony Sawicki
Tony is only really ranked this low because of the lack of time we’ve spent with him. There’s been a lot of important discussion about Maslany’s controversial role as a transgender man, but Tony’s expressive charm and comfortable nature have been unforgettable since we last saw him in Season 2. Tony has seemingly decided not to deal with the problems of Project Leda, which is probably for the best, given that things have only gotten progressively worse for the rest of the Leda clones. .

7. Rachel Duncan
She was bad, she was good, now she’s bad again, and goodness, do I love her that way. Rachel’s villainy is now back in top form with Evie Cho out of the way, and all bets are off for alliances — to a degree. Rachel is an interesting character because of the way she seems to subvert the tropes of struggling between light and dark. Rachel has her moments, but she is likely not on her way to becoming the Vegeta to Sarah’s Goku anytime soon.

6. Beth Childs
The linchpin behind it all, Beth’s actual appearances are short — and one of them is a hallucination. Beth’s suicide at the beginning of the show set off a chain reaction, and while we’ve gotten to spend little time with the character, her legacy lived on (until Sarah kind of screwed it up). Beth’s brief appearance during a hallucination-slash-vision was an emotional, strange trip into the character’s few words.

5. M.K.
New to this past season, M.K. (or, Veera Suominen) is a major link to the events that occurred before the night of Beth’s suicide. M.K. was close to Beth, and most of her early life, as Veera, can be seen in the Orphan Black: Helsinki comic. While her relationship with other clones, including Sarah, is still forming, M.K. is an interesting new character whose sense of survivor’s remorse is worn on her sleeve.

4. Alison Hendrix
Alison may be purposefully drawn back from as much Clone Drama as she can be, but let’s face it: she’s the source of a lot of the less lethal drama, most of the time. Alison’s bouts of paranoia and battles with anxiety seemed a little played up when she first appeared, but her character has eased into a far less selfish, far more open person over the past few seasons. Alison may not be at her best state of mental health at all times, but for what it’s worth, that sense of helplessness within the anxiety she feels (however dramaticized) is perfectly executed on screen by Maslany.

3. Sarah Manning
The primary protagonist among the clone sisterhood has come so far over the past few years, and is still one of the best among all of the clones for her presentation of a complicated woman trying to do her best as a mother. Rarely do we see moms spotlighted in such unapologetic ways, especially during a rekindling familial relationship like the one between Sarah and her daughter, Kira. Tenderness edges along Sarah’s gruff exterior, and somehow, Sarah stands out during moments where she has to impersonate another clone – which happens a lot more to her than anyone else on the show.

2. Helena
Helena isn’t crazy just to be crazy, and she isn’t angsty for the sake of angst. Helena has been part of some of the most violent scenes in the show, and has killed several of her beloved “sestras” in the past, but is a compelling person who toes the line between good and bad. Maslany’s performances as the erratic Helena are often some of the most talked-about every time she appears. Helena’s complicated relationships with the other clones may have softened (for the most part), but even though she’s living with Allison, she’s still very unpredictable.

1. Cosima Niehaus
From start to finish, Cosima’s view of the world and the way she copes with trauma have been one of the most intriguing parts of her character. The laid back, open lesbian, scientist super-nerd charmed her way into fans’ hearts with her clever wit and unrelenting need to care for her newfound sisters. As logical as she wishes she were, Cosima’s humanity is what makes her shine, and her bold will to survive in the face of a dilapidating disease (and supreme heartbreak) are the highlights of Maslany’s performances as the character.

I personally think Krystal should be ranked closer to the top of the list. She’s so fun and fab!

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Press: Tatiana Maslany To Be 2016’ Best Actress At Emmy Awards?

Tatiana Maslany could be the Best Actress at Emmy Awards 2016 according to predictions. For playing a myriad of clones in ‘Orphan Black,’ the Canadian actress could finally be recognized despite not getting a nomination in 2015.

According to critics Dana Schwartz and Vinnie Mancuso, this year’s Emmy Awards could prove differently for Maslany. Schwartz thinks there is a huge possibility that the Academy might do a reverse correcting from last year when they showed no love for the actress. As for Mancuso, she believes this is the year for the actress who plays at least half a dozen various characters in almost every episode of her series.

If Maslany grabs the Best Actress statuette, this could be her second to the last opportunity to grab an Emmy for her roles in ‘Orphan Black,’ though, as the series will be back for its fifth and final season in 2017.

However, other critics have different predictions about who will bring home an Emmy. It was also stated that ‘The Americans’ star Keri Russell could be the winner “in a perfect world.”

Both Maslany and Russell are nominated for the best of the best this year. Another person that could win an award for Outstanding Lead Actress is Viola Davis who brought home the victory last year. Davis portrays the character of a defense attorney, Annalise Keating, in ‘How to Get Away with Murder.’ She also made history as the first African American woman to win the award.

And of course, Claire Danes is also up for the award for her character as a CIA officer, Carrie Mathison, in ‘Homeland.’ She has been continuously nominated, and this year counts to be her fourth nomination after winning as Best Actress for the second time. ‘Empire’ lead actress Taraji P. Henson and ‘House of Cards’ star Robin Wright were also nominated.

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Press: Tatiana Maslany WILL Win An Emmy This Year—And Here’s Why

For the second year running, Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany is nominated for an Emmy in the crazy-competitive Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series category. The last time the Canadian actor was nom’d, the internet went wild and support for the only Emmy nominee that plays anywhere between five and eight characters per season (11 clones total over the course of the series if you’re counting) was overwhelming.

2016 will be the second to last chance the Academy has to get it right since the announcement that next year’s fifth season of Orphan Black will be the last. Up against Claire Danes (Homeland), Viola Davis (How To Get Away With Murder), Taraji P. Henson (Empire), Keri Russell (The Americans), and Robin Wright (House of Cards) we’re predicting a big Maslany win. Here’s why:

1. She holds the whole show together as Sarah. Where would the sestras be without Sarah to keep them united, push them towards solving the clone conspiracy, and get them in a bit of trouble once in awhile (read: every episode)?

2. She brings big laughs as Alison. Whether it’s at Ali’s own expense (or, more frequently, Donnie’s) her super-high-strung personality is, ironically, an excellent way to cut through the show’s tense storylines and inject a bit of humour. It’s also amazing to see her cut loose occasionally. Dancercise, anyone?

3. She gets Eastern European weird with Helena. Last season’s scorpion friendship, this season’s dramatic last minute rescue of the Hendrix family—and all of it done with deadpan delivery that keeps us wondering if Helena’s in on the joke… or if there is one at all. Considering her training as an expert assassin, we’ll let Helena make the call.

4. She terrifies as Rachel. We thought that previous seasons had shown us just how evil Rachel Duncan could be. We were so, so wrong. Rachel has never been more powerful or more frightening than she was at the close of this most recent season—the fate of all her sisters rests with her. Definitely not a good thing.

5. She makes everyone love Cosima. Including the Academy members at the Emmys? Come on people—how could you not vote for this face?

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Press: Emmy Nomination Reactions: ‘Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany

Lead Actress, Drama Series
Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black
It’s really cool for us. It feels like a very communal recognition for the show, because it’s such a communal job. I know everybody says that, but I really couldn’t do it without the team that’s behind it, and behind every character we create on the show. To get to be in the same category as Robyn Wright is insane and a huge honor. I’m dumbfounded and I don’t know what to say that would be eloquent or clever. It’s just very exciting. The show is an enormous gift. I couldn’t have ever imagined a job that was more creatively stimulating. It’s a total dream job in the most extreme way. I’ve always loved characters and I’d never had the opportunity to play them. And now I get to play a whole bunch in this one show, and the audience lets us go on these arch character journeys because they believe in the characters. It’s a total dream. I feel like I’ve discovered that there can be no limits; you can’t place limits on your creativity. Whether you play one character or multiple, there’s no limit to the nuance you can create. [In the final season] I guess that we’ll be getting into questions we’ve been asking since Season 1. But I don’t really know. I got a chance to sit in on one of the earliest days in the writers’ room this season, which was really cool and inspiring, and gave me a sense of where things were heading. But I don’t know what the specifics are so for me it’s as much of a mystery as it is to audiences right now. I think it’s going I think it’s definitely going to be a strong end, wrapping up these characters’ stories and moving towards some kind of resolution and closure.

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Press: The Hollywood Reporter – Best drama actress nominee for BBC America’s ‘Orphan Black’

Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany celebrated her second nomination for best actress in a drama for her multiple-character role in the BBC America drama in Prague, where she was vacationing with friends. As it was already early evening when the nominations were announced in Prague, Maslany was surrounded by friends who “tackled” the actress when news of her nomination was announced.

“They were super excited and tackled me to the ground, it was a big wrestle fight,” the actress said. To celebrate, Maslany and company will have coffee and cake and cap the night by going to the movies. “We’re going to see Central Intelligence and see The Rock kill it.”

Photos: Magazine Scans & Orphan Black Behind the Scenes

I’ve added a bunch of new photos to the gallery! To begin with I added over 40 photos of Tatiana from behind the scenes of Orphan Black. They are definitely worth a look! Also, I found time to go through my magazine scans I’ve had sitting on my computer and finally sorted them and added them to the site. There are magazine scans from 2013-2016 that have been added. Big thanks to my friend AliKat for some of the 2016 scans. Check out the list of new additions below

Orphan Black: Behind The Scenesrecent additions
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