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I’ve added new photos of Tatiana on the Today show from today promoting Stronger to the gallery and additional press conference photos of Stronger. Thanks so much to my very good friend Mary.

I’ve started adding photos of Tatiana from the 2017 Emmy Awards. Check back for more. Thanks to my friends Sara, Mary, Mouza, and Claudia for some of these. Enjoy!



Tatiana was on Talking with Chris Hardwick a couple nights ago. You can watch the full interview here. I’ve added screencaps and stills from the interview. I have to say this is probably one of my most favorite interviews of hers.

I’ve added 2 new Stronger film stills to the gallery. Hopefully I can get them in better quality soon and more of them. Thanks to my friend Stephanie for a heads up on these. Enjoy.

I’ve added a few stills from this week’s upcoming episode of Orphan Black. I’m not ready!

I’ve added screencaps, additional stills, and behind the scenes images of Tatiana from this past week’s episode of Orphan Black. What a fantastic episode! I can’t wait for the series finale next week and at the same time I’m not ready to say goodbye.

I’ve added screencaps to this week’s heartbreaking episode of Orphan Black as well as additional stills from that episode and new episode stills for next week’s episode. Enjoy.

I’ve added screencaps and episode stills to last night’s episode of Orphan Black as well as episode stills to next week’s episode. What a fantastic episode it was!

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