Press: ‘Orphan Black’ Season 4 Premieres Spring 2016: Ari Millen returns; EP reveals details on Sarah’s lovelife

Ari Millen officially returns in “Orphan Black” Season 4 to reprise his character as Mark Rollins. Apart from that, EP Graeme Manson reveals some details about Sarah’s lovelife despite being busy with her personal findings. Because of Beth’s death, Sarah will be urged to start her own investigation on how the clones are made.

Ari Millen officially confirms that he is set to return in the upcoming season 4 of “Orphan Black”, as mentioned on Deadline. Millen portrays the character of Mark Rollins and fans will witness his character to make a big twist in season 4.

On the other hand, Beth’s (Tatiana Maslany) death will push Sarah to begin her own investigation and figure out once and for all how the clones were made, as reported by Movie Pilot. In addition to that, she will follow Beth’s trail down the rabbit hole to find some answers. As her investigation progresses, Sarah will be alienating her loved ones. This can also lead her to revert to her old habits, going back to being irresponsible self.

Moreover, executive producer Graeme Manson teased during The Paley Fest that the production team is planning for something explosive as Sarah reconnects with Cal (Michiel Huisman), according to IB Times. Graeme hints that even though Sarah is busy with her personal mission, she will nevertheless find some time for engaging in an intimate relationship.

An actor officially returns in the 4th season of “Orphan Black”. Apart from that, the executive producer of the show teased some details about the lead character’s lovelife. Despite of the character’s busy schedule, she will find time to reconnect with someone.

“Orphan Black” Season 4 is set to return in spring 2016 with a 10-episode run exclusively on BBC. “Orphan Black” is a Canadian sci-fi TV series created by Graeme Manson and John Fawcett.

Video/News: Check out Son Lux’s new video from Jailo’s remix of ‘You Don’t Know Me’

Son Lux have revealed the newest video from their July album Bones with ‘You Don’t Know Me’, remixed by Jailo.

Shot by Nathan Johnson, the video features actors Tatiana Maslany and Noah Segan in a one-sided date that gets monumentally split by the chaotic pace of Jailo’s frenetic energy. Discordant, the characters begin to jumble in the high-energy, colorful environment, making for an alluring if not confusing project.

Watch the video above, order Son Lux’s Bones today.

Photos: Magazine Scans, Audio Interview Stills, and assorted images.

I’ve added a bunch of missing photos to the gallery, both new and old, including HQ scans of Tatiana’s new spread in Off Camera with Sam Jones magazine. You can buy the magazine here. I did not post article scans. If you would like to read the massive article (so worth the read! purchase the magazine.) Feel free to repost these scans but please do not crop the tag. I will post screencaps from her interview next month when it becomes available to those who do not have Direct TV. If you have Direct TV, you can watch the episode online or on your television. Check out the list of updated photo album galleries.

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